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About Your Teacher

Dede Callichy grew up in a big, loving musical family in Johannesburg,
South Africa. Her childhood included many get-togethers with family and
friends, healthy living and lots of music.

She has applied her high energy and enthusiasm to a lifetime of education,
natural health maintenance, music, travel and spiritual philosophy.
Passionate about ballads and negro spirituals, she began playing the guitar
and singing in 1966 at the height of the folk revival and soon began
teaching folk guitar to local children. She has taught, performed and led
musical events ever since.

After graduating from teachers college, she taught at a nearby primary
school, where, before long, she was appointed the music teacher and fired
the children’s enthusiasm with music.

She has travelled widely, including four years in Japan, running her
independent English language school.

She trained and taught in Australia as a Steiner/Waldorf teacher. Then,
following her other interests, she trained as a Natural Vision Improvement
teacher and a Dances of Universal Peace leader.

She has lectured in several countries on Steiner Education and Natural
Vision Improvement and shared her songs and dance. In addition, she has
written and produced two CDs: Legend, Magic and Mystery and Relaxing
into Clearer Vision.

Never planning to be an author, her love of words and interests drew her to
publish books on natural health maintenance: A Natural Vision

Improvement Activity Book, What I did to Heal Gum Disease Naturally and
Seeing Eye to Eye. On dance, she has published Leader of the Dance, and I
Planted Seeds. To honour her family, she has published an extensive family
history. On education, she has written Teach the Child in Love and The
Lyrebird’s Songbook.

She lives on the East Coast of Australia with her beloved and supportive

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Dede offers private sessions and tuition, workplace workshops, and group workshops: 3-hour, 6-hour and 12 hour. Here you learn ways to help relieve and prevent short-sightedness, farsightedness, old-age reading blur, squint, wandering eye and close work visual stress. Why not contact Dede now for a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs? Improve or Correct your Vision – and get Better Sight Naturally!


Two-hour telephone lesson: (usually in four half-hour sessions) You learn simple natural ways to reverse shortsightedness, longsightedness, squint, reading blur etc. You have a free initial telephone consultation to assess your specific needs. In each subsequent session you will be taught exercises and relaxation techniques to optimize your vision naturally. In collaboration with the teacher you will develop a program of exercises and relaxations, specific to your vision improvement needs. $70.00 per 2 hour session

CD: Relaxing into Clearer Vision.You are led through four relaxations. The first addresses your whole body, the second your external eye muscles, the third invites the parts of the inner eye to heal and the fourth addresses waking up your visual brain. $20.00 +P&H

CD: Clearer Vision. You are taught exercises to improve your vision. A guided daily program of general vision exercises and relaxations is taught. $20.00 +P&H

Book: Natural Vision Improvement by Dr Janet Goodrich This book is one of the classic texts for eyesight improvement. $30.00 +P&H

Pinhole Readers: Pinhole readers have been used through the ages to improve vision naturally. They are a particularly good response to the “short arm syndrome”. Please note that Pinhole Readers do NOT replace eye examinations from your optician or opthalmologist. $50.00 +P&H

This includes an attractive handcrafted carry case made by Myanmar artisans in villages where the SEE AGAIN project operates.   Proceeds from your Pinhole Readers go to the SEE AGAIN project (registered charity no 83945220) to cure preventable blindness in poverty stricken communities in Asia.

Postage & H: $7.00

Download the order form  now and return with your payment, or contact Dede now.  You too can learn to improve your eyesight naturally!

Improve Your Eyesight Today

Simple Workplace Exercises

Yawn, Blink, Stretch

Feet and Legs

a) wriggle toes…
b) rotate ankles…
c) straighten & flex knees.


a) arch forward & back…
b) rotate…
c) extend upwards

 Hands & Arms

a) for fingers — clench fists, stretch, tickle…
b) move wrists up & down & rotate…
c) bend & stretch elbows.

To Loosen Shoulders

a) raise & drop…
b) bring forward, then back…
c) rotate forward, then back.


a) tilt head forward, & with chin near chest, swing in gentle arc from shoulder to
b) next tilt head back, & gently swing from shoulder to shoulder, with nose creating arcs in the air…
c) then gently circle forward, back and sideways.


a) interlace your fingers & stretch arms forward…
b) then stretch arms upwards…
c) and finally backwards, leaning forward with head tilted back and nose up.


  • Eyecare in the Workplace © is not a medical treatment; it is an education system which teaches you to maximise available eyesight naturally. Eyesight education techniques do not claim to cure eye diseases.
  • Please inform your teacher if you have a medical condition or have had eye surgery or eye disease. Consult your doctor if necessary.
  • If you have had epilepsy or detached retina, do not do tromboning or strobing.
  • Always shut your eyes when sunning. Sun only when the sun is gentle. Wear protective clothing if needed.
  • Don’t ever strain or overexert. Eyecare in the Workplace © teaches you to RELAX gently into clear vision.
  • Pinhole specs are not legal for driving.

Please contact the author for written permission if you wish to photocopy some or all of this booklet.