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Natural Vision Improvement (NVI) workshops, classes and private lessons give your vision a boost – and you learn to

  • relieve & prevent computer use & study-related eyestrain
  • improve distance & close-up vision
  • read with ease
  • see easily in bright & dim light
  • refine eye co-ordination & activate lazy eyes
  • help your children improve their vision
  • enjoy resting, nourishing & exercising your eyes to clearer vision
  • Workshop and session activities include simple, gentle eye exercises, massage, relaxation, visualisation and discussion.
  • You learn gentle ways to help relieve and prevent short-sightedness, farsightedness, old-age reading blur, squint, wandering eye and close-work and visual strain and improve your eyesight naturally.
  • Lots of Fun!

Dede will travel for groups of six or more people.  She also offers online lessons.

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See Clearly with Natural Vision Improvement

is highly trained and experienced in teaching and natural health modalities and has taught Natural Vision Improvement for over thirty years.

In her enjoyable Natural VISION Improvement workshops and classes, you’ll discover how to rest, exercise, nourish and cleanse your eyes, visual brain and body to achieve optimum health and maximize your visual potential.

Joyful children in Myanmar with healthy, relaxed eyes and excellent vision.

In Dede’s in-depth 12-hour workshop you will learn techniques to help relieve shortsightedness, farsightedness, old-age reading blur, astigmatism, squint, wandering eye and strain from close-work visual stress. In addition, you will get deep insights into the mind-vision connection.

During Dede’s one-day (six-hour) workshop you learn practical activities to sharpen your vision.

In a three-hour ‘tonic’ workshop you boost your eyesight and vision. This class is real value for money! You will leave with heightened vision.

In online sessions for private individuals and small groups, you learn easy ways to help sharpen your eyesight.

In all workshops you’ll learn to

  • Correct eyesight, relieve & prevent computer use & study-related eyestrain
  • Improve distance & close-up vision
  • Read with ease
  • See easily in bright & dim light
  • Refine eye co-ordination & activate lazy eyes
  • Help your children improve their vision
  • Enjoy resting, nourishing & exercising your eyes for clearer vision
  • Meet new people and have lots of fun!
  • Workshop activities include simple, gentle eye exercises, massage, relaxation, visualization, discussion, and a coursebook.

What people are saying about Dede’s workshops…

Noticable improvement in eyesight. I have had a wonderful time attending your course. It has brought an awareness of how loving and exercising my eyes can improve my eyesight. Just writing this note without wearing my glasses is a great achievement, and I know that more improvement is still possible. You have given me much hope for the future. To be more precise, this course has been a real "eye opener"!

Grace, Murwillumbah

The presentation was especially lovely, and I felt I had a major breakthrough

Jim, Sydney

I have been existing in the world of myopes for decades -- this workshop has created a possibility for change

Doodie, Mullumbimby

I loved the way you infused the course with such enthusiasm and positivity, and it was these qualities which most helped me to replace my resignation with optimism, and sure that my eyesight is going to continually improve. Thankyou for a most delightful course!

Trish, Mullumbimby

I'm really glad I came! I feel armed with this, I will be able to retain(excellent) vision for the rest of my life.

John, Springbrook

I discovered something this morning. When I held my arm out with the flower about 3/4 of the way,
it was blurry like when I did it with you, and when I held out the arm all the way, really stretching the arm,
the flower was CLEAR again. Isn’t this amazing!!

Kaya, Crabbes Creek, 2022

Natural Vision Improvement techniques have helped thousands of people worldwide to improve their eyesight.  Why not come improve yours too and see clearly?

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All workshop fees include a FREE workbook

Natural Vision Improvement teaches you to maximise your available vision naturally.

Disclaimer: NVI does not claim to cure eye diseases. Consult your eye professional for advice.