Corporate Workshops

Dede presents three-hour corporate workshops in your workplace. These contribute to your’ workplace training’ requirements and are always value-for-money. Participants leave feeling energised and positive, increasing productivity.

Dede presents

Eyecare in the Workplace©

three-hour corporate workshops

Dede presents Eyecare in the Workplace© three-hour corporate workshops in your workplace. These contribute to your workplace training requirements and are always value-for-money. Participants leave feeling energized and positive, increasing productivity.

During Eyecare in the Workplace© classes, participants learn simple, practical and enjoyable activities to relax eyes and relieve and prevent occupational eyestrain.

Fun visual exercises and simple stretches which can be done seated at workstations are demonstrated and practiced. And where time or participant interest permits, lifestyle factors and choices, workstation/study area layout and workplace conditions that can impact visual performance are considered.

A free Workshop booklet for each participant is included.   It reinforces the vision exercises with illustrations, additional tips, hints and ideas for optimal workplace and study conditions.

Workshops are conducted at your workplace Contact Dede now  on 0410371751


Disclaimer: NVI does not claim to cure eye diseases. Consult your eye professional for advice.


Read what others have said about Eyecare in the Workplace©

I have recommended your workshop to our departmental OH&S Manager to get the whole Department involved.

GlendaCorporate Services, QLD Department of Lands, Brisbane, QLD.

A Great Presentation! A hard thing to achieve, especially to a group who you have never met before.... You did a wonderful job.

GraemeVice President & Meetings Director, Brisbug PC User Group, Brisbane, QLD.

All staff feedback has been extremely positive. I’m delighted with the course!

JenniferTraining Officer, Q Ford Motors, Brisbane, QLD.

Excellent, great teacher, very knowledgeable about health.

S. M.Finance & Insurance Broker, Johannesburg.

A course that should be taught universally. Dede Callichy is a very enjoyable and thorough teacher.

RosemaryMullumbimby NSW

It works!

A. N.Medical Doctor, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Students found that the workshop raised their awareness of eyestrain problems and gave them practical skills which can be easily incorporated into their working day.

AdrienneTeacher, Murwillumbah TAFE.

This workshop is tailored to the needs of computer users. It will particularly benefit office workers, IT programmers, architects and draughts people, news media, web designers and graphic artists and people employed in design studios. In fact, anyone who may suffer from computer eye strain, related neck strain, shoulder strain and arm strain injuries could benefit.

People on production lines such as clothing and manufacturing, doing tasks requiring close visual work, and teachers, academics, and students engaged in intense study, reading and writing, will also find this workshop useful.  Contact Dede now on 0410371751 for more details.

Whichever class you choose

you get a free workbook to encourage you to include the eyesight activities naturally and easily into your daily life to support your success.

Thousands have improved their eyesight with Natural Vision Improvement. So why not improve yours too?