Dede’s Songs


Legend, Magic and Mystery

Tales of old are woven into song as Mythical takes you journeying through your own archetypes.

Artists Dede Callichy, Carl Palmer, Simon Dooner, Arthur Palmer, (on some tracks Joanne Freeman)

The Singer

This Indian legend sings of the power of pure, clear intention, once stated, becoming manifest. The God of Fire hears the song and is enchanted into action.

4.57. Dede Callichy – writer, voice of Singer, guitar. Arthur Palmer – voice of King, bass guitar. Carl Palmer – voice of narrator, percussion. Simon Dooner – voice of narrator, flute.

Aphrodite’s Song

The Greek Goddess of Love sings of the merging of Male and Female principles. This must be the world’s ultimate love song!

3.54. Dede Callichy – Dede Callichy – writer, singer, pentatonic lyre. Joanna Freeman – singer. Carl Palmer – percussion.

The Three Goddesses

Inspired by Homer’s Iliad. Hera (goddess of the hearth and dominion over all things -action) competes with Athena (the goddess of wisdom – thinking and righteous war) and the beautiful Aphrodite (goddess of beauty, love and the realms of the heart) for the title of ‘Most Fair’. Paris of Troy must choose.

3.29. Dede Callichy and Simon Dooner – writers. Dede Callichy – vocals, guitar, harp. Simon Dooner – vocals, flute. Carl Palmer – vocals, percussion, Arthur Palmer – vocals, bass guitar.

Don’t Run Daphne

In this Greek legend Daphne spurns the advances of the Greek god Apollo by being transmuted as she requested.

3.06. Simon Dooner – writer, vocals, flute. Dede Callichy – vocals, guitar. Carl Palmer – vocals, percussion. Arthur Palmer – vocals, bass guitar. Joanna Freeman – vocals and guitar.

No Nookie Tonight

inspired by Aristophanes’ play “Lysistrata”.  The Greek and Spartan women unite to end the endless wars between their men.

3.32. Dede Callichy – words, vocals, guitar, recorder. Simon Dooner – vocals, flute. Carl Palmer – vocals, percussion. Arthur Palmer – vocals, bass guitar. Melody inspired by the song ‘Samiotisa’.

The Longbowman

A young man’s journeys into manhood symbolized by the making of his longbow in preparation for the battle of Agincourt.

5.23. Carl Palmer – writer, vocals, percussion. Dede Callichy – vocals, soprano and alto recorders, guitar. Arthur Palmer – vocals, bass guitar. Steve Carroll – percussion.

The Wildflower

C Ogilvie’s Australian bush poem explores the poignancy of unfulfilled longings.

5.19. Carl Palmer – melody, vocals, harmonica, percussion.  Dede Callichy – vocals, guitar, Arthur Palmer – bass guitar.

Shine the Light

inspired by the Bhagavad Gita

4.45. Dede Callichy – writer, vocals, guitar.  Simon Dooner – vocals, flute, Carl Palmer – vocals, percussion. Arthur Palmer – vocals, bass guitar.

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