Dede’s Publications

Dede’s Publications

Dede Callichy has long held interests in many fields … they include natural healing modalities, education, music, dance and her family’s genealogy.

The books she has written are

A Natural Vision Improvement Activity Book

Eyecare in the Workplace 

a Workbook to complement the Eyecare in the Workplace workshops


eBook ISBN: 9781311406101 Paperback ISBN: 9781786971722

Periodontal/gum disease results from bacterial action which causes gum bleeding and pockets between teeth-roots and surrounding gums. it is usually controlled by painful gum surgery. Not wanting surgery, I created and applied a natural system and cured my gum disease. This concise, practical book What I did to Heal Gum Disease NATURALLY can help you too!

An extremely easy to read, practical, step by step guide to a natural way of healing gum disease in layman’s language. We are made aware of gum disease which creeps up on us slowly and unnoticeably and a natural, simple and proven cure for the condition. The book is short and concise with touches of humour. Ms Natural Way, Mr Coward and Mr Miser are all happy at the end of the day and so should we all be if committed to not having surgery or loss of teeth due to periodontal disease. A very worthwhile and informative handbook which I highly recommend. Well done author!

Review: Marina Shahini

Leader of the Dance

Review New dance leaders, and experienced leaders as well, can profit from the extensive and well-organized compilation of suggestions, ideas, traditions, and techniques that Dede Callichy has collected by observing dances in progress, interviewing long-time dance leaders, and from her own learning experience.

It can be read all the way through for an overview, or used as a reference to explore particular topics.  Even after 25 years of dancing and numerous leader training retreats, I still found ideas that were new to me, in addition to validation of much hard-earned knowledge.  It would have been helpful to have read such a book at the beginning of my leadership journey.

Dr. DiAnahita Kanoy
Dances of Universal Peace International
Certified Dance Leader,  Dance & Musician Mentor


Review With great patience and determination, Dede has succeeded in fulfilling the call to put together the Leader of the Dance, the first Australian contribution to the literature of the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace.

This well-researched book is a comprehensive guide to the Dances of Universal Peace leadership. It serves as helpful training wheels for those starting out on their dance leadership training and as inspirational material for seasoned leaders.

The layout makes it easy to cross-access clarification in different areas of leadership, and the indexed reference section stimulates further research.
The illustrations and photos enhance the written word, and Dede’s humour dances lightly through the pages.

Dede verifies that trainee leaders evolve their skill under the caring guidance of their mentors because experience is the best teacher. This book is a valuable and illuminating adjunct for supporting and enhancing leadership proficiency. I recommend it highly!

Zebunissa-Anna Parker
Member of the MTG, Mentors Guild of the Dances of Universal Peace, Sufi minister of the Inayati Order.

Leader of the  Dance is a treasure chest for everyone who loves the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) and general circle/folk dancing! It unfolds a map of the journey of becoming the leader of the dances. As you explore the delightfully illustrated pages, you enrich your own understanding of the dances culture, and you learn potent skills for spreading the cherished values of love, joy and peace through dance and song …

Be guided step-by-step through all the stages of planning and presenting successful dances circles. Be inspired by the spiritual motivation and lives of the esteemed individuals, Murshid SAM Lewis, Hazrat Inayat Kahn and Ms Ruth St Denis, who originated the Dances of Universal Peace.

 Learn more about the gifts of each spiritual tradition and how each contributes to a multifaceted human culture. Explore the metaphysics of the dances and how to lead others to attain peace and joy through movement and sound.

Learn how to use the spiritual dynamic of the circle towards harmonizing the dancers in your group towards peace and joy. Gain practical insights into the effectiveness of mandalas, mantras and prayer in spreading peace on earth.  Enhance your leadership capabilities and musicianship skills. 

The book is richly woven through with images of Australian dancers and quotes of many inspiring beings. It was written as the author’s questions about the dances and leadership matters were answered by accomplished leaders. Leader of the Dance is Australia’s first contribution to the international DUP library. Get your copy soon. You’ll be glad you did!

Order your Paperback or eBook at Paperback: ISBN 978-1-64570-499-7
eBook: ISBN 978-0-6486582-0-7

Unpublished study of the remarkable life of an exceptional being.

Approximately 150 pages

Teach the Child in Love

This book is a valuable guide for commencing teachers in Steiner/Waldorf schools and home-schools.
Publication Date 2024

Dede Callichy is a brilliant teacher. What she gave to the teacher trainees out of her vast experience in education was invaluable. She throws light on those practical areas of teaching that are vital to surviving as a new teacher and yet are generally overlooked in teacher trainings.

Gerry JosephsonDirector of “Grail Quest” Foundation Course in Anthroposophy. Director of Studies, Steiner Teacher Training, Byron Bay

Dede’s teaching methodology has been a valuable gem in my studies of teaching children. She has a wonderful way of imparting her great knowledge and wisdom of children. I would recommend this book to everyone who spends time with children. Thank you Dede for sharing your insight.

Anna WeatherstoneSteiner Teacher Training Byron Bay 2012

I was privileged to benefit from Dede’s wisdom in both content and teaching methodology. Her instruction and advice on planning and delivering effective lessons, creating a productive, happy and well-managed classroom environment and establishing positive relationships with children and their families in the Steiner education context has been an invaluable component of my Steiner teacher training. Dede’s delivery is always engaging and laced with useful and often humorous anecdotes from her wide experience in the field, and she provides ample opportunities for exploration of concepts through concrete exercises.
I thoroughly recommend all her knowledge of teaching methodology.

Kim DavieWriter, Teacher

I had the fortunate experience of having Dede Callichy share her knowledge and wisdom whilst attending Grail Quest Steiner Teacher Training in Byron Bay.
Dede has a huge zest for life and learning this she imparts with great warmth and skill gained from a life time of teaching. I was very inspired by Dede’s ability to be clear, direct, and warm in the same moment, I found myself thinking how fortunate it would been to be a child having her for a teacher. It is a rare gift to have a teacher embody the gifts and suggestions Rudolf Steiner has brought to the world. Dede is an inspired, heartfelt teacher living her soul’s purpose.

Sonya Want SteinerTeacher Training student

The Lyrebird’s Songbook

Fifty-four delightful songs for young ones. Can be accompanied on lyre or guitar. The book includes wise words about learning and teaching music to children. 

Publication date 2024


The History of

the Callichy and Haitas Families of South Africa

This history includes eight linked family trees with early information going back centuries and culminating two generations ahead of the author.  A detailed history of each family and the political events that forced decisions makes it a worthwhile read.

Publication date 2023

The Haitas and Karipedes Families of South Africa

The Callichy and Theodosopoulo Families of South Africa

The South African Callichy and Haitas Family Trees

Hard copies for sale, contact Dede at


The Callichy and Haitas Families of South Africa

Family Trees


  1. Costa and Flora Haitas/Callichy Direct Bloodline
  2. Korodemas Family Tree
  3. Image compilation: Callichy Family Tree
  4. Callichy Extended Family Tree
  5. Callichy Relatives from 1835
  6. Theodosopoulos Family Tree
  7. Messaris Family Tree
  8. Dickie Family Tree
  9. Haitas Family of South Africa Tree
  10. Image compilation: Haitas Family of South Africa
  11. Konstandinos Haitoglou Siblings Family Tree
  12. Karipedes – Lazarides Family Tree

Seeing Eye to Eye

This touching collection of biographies of the resilient members of the Blind and Vision Support Group of Murwillumbah brings joy to the reader as the varied lives of the subjects are described and the courage with which they overcome debilitating blindness.

A Hodge-Potch of Headspaces

Profiles on Personality by Dr Jon Kear-Colwell

Edited by Dede Callichy 

ISBN 979-8363961526