About Natural Vision Improvement and your teacher

William Bates, an ophthalmologist, explored ways to improve eyesight naturally. He claimed that many vision problems, other than physiologically based ones, were due to stress and bad habits. Over time he compiled a series of exercises to relax into seeing better. The system progressed under Aldous Huxley, then my teacher, Dr Janet Goodrich, and now her students, including Dede, offer the techniques to the world.

About Dede

Dede Callichy began teaching music at sixteen and has been a teacher ever since. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Education, as well as a Teacher Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education and credentials in several other natural health modalities.

When her own eyesight suffered from stressful desk work, she realised that there was a need for Natural Vision Improvement and workplace eyecare training and sought a solution.

She qualified as a Natural VISION Improvement teacher under Dr Janet Goodrich (an exponent of the Bates Method) and improved her own eyesight. Dede consolidated her knowledge and training by designing the Eyecare in the Workplace © program.

She has written A Natural VISION Improvement Activity Book© and released a CD Relaxing into Clearer Vision ©, to complement her teaching.

Additionally, Dede has produced an Audio work of her group Mythical’s compositions Click here to listen

Furthermore, she has written eight books, several have been published, and some await publication.

Dede lives in northern NSW, Australia, and travels widely within the country and internationally to share her extensive training and teaching expertise. She presents her Public Workshops and Eyecare in the Workplace © corporate workshops to people who want to take an active role in attaining and maintaining visual excellence.  Contact Dede now  on 0410371751

How valuable is your vision? Remember that 80% of your information about the world comes to you through your eyes.  The choice is yours.  Contact Dede now on 0410371751 and… come SEE for yourself!

* Important note: NVI does not claim to cure eye diseases.

Dede participates in several community initiatives:

BAVIS The Blind and Vision Impaired Support group

secretary for ten years. Wrote “Seeing Eye to Eye,” biographies of people living with vision impairment and the function of the group in their lives.

Steiner education

Dede was a pioneering Steiner teacher and lecturer and wrote ‘Teach the Child in Love,’ ‘The Lyrebird’s Songbook,’ and a book about how participating in music enriches children’s inner lives.

The Dances of Universal Peace

a universal group of peace lovers celebrating in dance and deepening life understanding. Dede wrote ‘Leader of the Dance’ as she learned to lead the dances herself. She has choreographed several dances.  She wrote an unauthorized study about the group’s originator, Murshid Samuel Lewis.

Heart Circle

a Taizé-style singing group that meets weekly. Dede has been the lead musician for many years. The group has performed at facilities and public events. Dede and Jon published the ‘Heart Circle Songbook.’

The Goddesses of Shining Light

A friendship women’s group in Murwillumbah where each person is invited to showcase their skills in art, dance, music, storytelling etc. Dede has compiled dances and songs for the group.

The Tugun Theatre Company

a dynamic theatre company where Dede was ‘behind the scenes’ supporting performers and singing with Jon in the musical ‘Moonlight Serenade.

The Kirtan Group

a monthly gathering to sing devotional songs. Dede is a leader of kirtans.

Hide the Potato

Is a Celtic bush band. We play at parties, bush dance parties, seniors’ residences, seniors’ groups, and public functions, almost anywhere we’re invited! You’ll be surprised at our reasonable rates!

Natural Vision Improvement

Dede has taught for three decades and wrote  ‘A Natural Vision Improvement Activity Book’ and others on the subject.

An eyesight restoration program inspired by Dr Geoff Cohn. Dede has raised funds, taught English to nurse aids in Myanmar and helped design the website.

Heart Circle

entertaining at a retirement village